To Stavri

Your Local Farm Fresh Store!

Welcome to “To Stavri,” your one-stop-shop for the freshest and finest local products. Located in the heart of Apollonia, we take pride in offering a wide range of farm-fresh goods directly from our fields to your table.

At “To Stavri,” you can find:

  • Fresh Meat and Vegetables: Sourced directly from our farm, ensuring the highest quality and taste.
  • Fruits: Some from our own orchards and some carefully selected from trusted local growers.
  • Olive Oil: Produced from our own olive groves, offering rich, pure flavors.
  • Local Herbs: Hand-picked for the best aroma and culinary experience.
  • Honey: Natural and sweet, straight from our beehives.
  • Cheese: Made from our own dairy, providing a taste of tradition and quality.

Experience the difference of truly local produce, lovingly grown and harvested with care. Visit us today and taste the goodness of “To Stavri.”