Send a message from the White Tower!

Do you know the story of our ancient towers? It is a great story, I will tell you all about it another time, but the main idea is that they were part of a communication system operating from ancient times till the 11`   qpirates’ years in recent history. Interesting?

One of them is the White Tower. It is located on a top of a hill between Platy Gialos and Chrysopigi and is visible from a long distance.

If you are in Platy Gialos, you can walk there. Take the main asphalt road and after the big turning you will see a going up path on your left hand. It is a kind of short-cut, if you want you can continue on the asphalt road. The path leads to the asphalt road again, just opposite the crossroads to Chryssopigi. A short narrow path starts right there and will take you to the tower in about 10’. You may find it difficult to recognize the beginning of the path because you have to walk a few meters in private land – it belongs to the owners of the house you see over there – and find it on your left. Don’t worry, nobody will tell you off J

The short route to the tower is a bit wild, the path is not very clear and the cedar trees around you make you feel you are on an island with a lot of greenery!

With a bit of extra caution you arrive just below the tower. If you want to go closer you will need to use hands, feet and some climbing, so it is not the safest thing you could do J

The view though is super gorgeous! You can see Platy Gialos bay, Chryssopigi and Faros, six beaches in total, a lot of chapels and the endless blue of Aegean Sea!