Today, north wind’s a four to five bf

If you feel like swimming...

Today, north wind’s four to five bf. If you feel like swimming, the island’s beaches are well protected from high waves! There’s always going to be wind around to tease you into trying something different. Combine your dip with a scenic trek! Start from Platys Gyalos, head West, through a beautiful seaside trail, to reach Fykiada, a beach with no road access. The trek lasts three quarters of an hour to a whole hour, depending on your pace. Sports or climbing shoes, a hat and some water are necessary. After taking a dip, lay on the beach and enjoy the sun. You can return via the same trail or continue towards Vathy following a new trail that takes you back to your starting point.

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To eat, here’s something special: On the way to Herronissos, at Troullaki, there’s this restaurant called Iliovasilema. When the north wind blows, like today, this is the place to be. Literally wind-free! Things though are tricky with south winds. So today, this is a nice option!

And do not forget, when it is windy, the Apollonia Alley (=Steno) remains wind free! Ideal for an afternoon walk, food or drink.