A walk in the ancient mines

If you are looking for a short trekking route, I have an idea which combines History, exercise, the sea and great view.

It is about the area where the second oldest silver mine in the world was operating in 3.000 BC. !! Impressive? J Even today, you can see the remains of the ancient mines, pieces of metals from recent History and, as in all the important spots of the island, a church! J This one is called Saint Sostis.

Let’s take it from the beginning, which is a path starting from Saint Minas settlement on the way to Cherronissos. You will see the signs on the spot. The dirt path has a lot of oregano, thyme and sage, it is easy for most of people, with a going down part – which is a going up part on the way back! – and it takes about an hour. After the first half of the route, the view to the north, the wild beauty of the coastline, the drystone walls everywhere, are images you will keep in your heart for long!

When you arrive at the end of the path, go to the church for a breath before you continue to the mines. They are on the right side as you were going down towards the sea. First you will see the dark red and black iron stones on the ground. Walk slowly and carefully because it is easy to slip. With extra caution, go further down, where the sea leaks the rocks. On your right you will see the old mine tunnels which are visible since the land collapsed above them. On your left, after a few meters walking on the white rocks, you will see an opening in a rock, the first meters of a tunnel and what is left of carriages and trails. This was the entrance of the ancient silver mine!

If the weather is good, you can have an unforgettable swim right there! If it is windy, don’t even think about it! It is really dangerous and not easy to get out of the sea. If you go after bad weather and rough sea, you will find some real sea salt there. In the old times, many locals got the salt of the year from that spot.