Aegeas Cruises

Let your dreams set sail

No matter how many island tours you have done, there will always be a nag over missing out on those not accessible beaches.

A cruise with Aegeas is possibly the solution to this!

The guys that own the boat, Michalis and Georgia, know by heart each and every point on the island, and after your cruise you’ll know too.

A beautiful, wooden boat, Aegeas, a restored skiff, will offer a totally brand new experience.

Secluded beaches, hidden gems of Sifnos or a trip to Polyegos, an islet near Kimolos, will be your discoveries!

During the cruise you get to make stops for dips in turquoise waters, relax and, while enjoying your glass of wine or juice, the captain will be preparing a unique BBQ. Seize the day, feel the power of the Aegean Sea. You won’t want it to end!

And if you believe in fairy tales, then maybe you’ll get to meet a mermaid!