Apostolidis pottery

it’s an experience. Not just another store!

A potter is not just a maker of clay ware. They knead soil into form and shape. Fingers of magic, passionately working on the clay.

That’s the concept behind Yannis Apostolidis, grandson of one of the first potters on the island. From grandfather to son to grandson, and it goes on!

At his workshop-exhibition, on the Kamares-Apollonia road, you’ll find handy clay ware and unique decorative pottery. If Platys Gyalos suits you better, he has a store there too.

At his workshop, he will show you how he works on clay, let you in on small secrets. Just have time, because Yannis is a true romantic, a rocker, a potter of unique presence; start a conversation and you forget to stop. And I’m sure you’ll try his PR […]