Artemonas – Pano Petali – Apollonia

Suggestions for walking at a relaxed pace

A pleasant route that connects Artemonas with Apollonia.

Here, the beautiful images alternate so quickly that you will catch yourself stopping frequently to admire them. You can start from the square of Artemonas and then turn left on the downhill alley which passes by Chrysogelos square with the big pine trees. Shortly after you will see the church of two natures, namely “Panagia ta Gournia” beside a river with running water – even in summer. The name of the church comes from the natural water basins that have been formed in the river. Years back, the river was the place where housewives used to wash their clothes.

Pass over the bridge that marks the end of Artemonas and continue to the settlement of Pano Petali. Here, an uphill road begins but don’t let this dread you, as it doesn’t last long. At the end of this uphill road, on your right hand, you will find “Felos” café, the oldest café of the island.

If you want, you can exit the main trail towards Apollonia and wander around the narrow streets. The area still maintains elements of its rural character. You will see small farms with trees and minor crops.

Just before exiting the square of Apollonia, you will see the church of “Panagia Geraniofora”. From the courtyard of the church, the view towards Kato Petali and the sea is magnificent. Back in times, the women of the village used to meet in the courtyard of Panagia to gossip and exchange news.

If you got tired, just at the end of the path you can stop for a quick refreshment at Lakis café. It will surely recharge you.

A stroll through the narrow streets of Apollonia is a perfect continuance. Taking the central strait of the settlement as your basis, wander around the many vertical small narrow streets and admire the layout of the settlement. Well-cared alleyways, courtyards with geraniums and roses, whitewashed churches and somewhere squashed between these, some shops, restaurants, patisseries etc.