Cheronissos beach

Sandy beach on the northern part of the island

On the northernmost part of the island, in the picturesque fishing village of Herronissos, there is one of the most protected by the waves beaches.

  • sandy beach
  • access by car, bus, trail, boat
  • it has changing rooms, showers, toilets
  • partial shading from tamarisks
  • umbrellas and sun loungers
  • cafés and restaurants
  • mini market


Fine sand, shade from tamarisk trees and few sun loungers and umbrellas. Here, you will find well-cared changing rooms, showers and toilets. In the middle of the beach but also at the end of the mole there are fish taverns with tables on the seafront. On the right side of the bay, there are smaller moles which are ideal for those who want to be more secluded.


Clean sand with few stones on the left and right side of the bay. The depth is small for quite a few meters, making it ideal for water games.