Sifnos Unique Photo Experience

We all own an advanced mobile phone equipped with a very good camera to capture our favourite moments. Still, if you give yourselves a chance to have Giorgos shoot you professionally, at a place as majestic as Kastro (=castle), you’ll know the difference.

Giorgos loves photography and his island and this comes out in his work. His sessions are unique, at places across Sifnos you won’t discover easily on your own. Through his lens you get to witness an aspect of the island that few know, as well as setting you as the main star.

The location seems to emerge from a fairy tale. White, blue, gold; depending on the time of the day!

Plan your session along with Giorgos. Stay in Kastro or visit more places across the island. One thing is for sure: you get to relax, enjoy the process and come out with a once-in-a-lifetime photo album. And, of course, you don’t need to be the bride or groom… Just a visitor, an explorer!

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