Cafe-snack bar €€

Holidays beg for fine hangouts, simple, cool, sipping fine coffee in a stress-free state!

After a dip in Apokofto, next to the rock of Chryssopigi, an iced coffee at Way Cup Roaster is the perfect booster. It lies a few meters behind the beach. An ideal spot should you want to enjoy some peace of mind. If, again, you wish to remain on the beach, just order your coffee, cocktail or snack online.

The place is sparse, nice, summery. If you’re a bit on the hungry side, pick among a slew of crepes, sandwitches, strapatsada, baklava or kataifi with ice cream. With a beer or juice on the side.

The more you stay the more relaxed you’ll end up leaving!

And if you love coffee, get ready for true excitement. Way Cup Roaster is a real roastery. Isabella & Constantinos import select beans, roast them and grind them, all in-store on Sifnos. As you leave get some coffee to take (they even package it) home, or order online!