The Amazon and her breakfast!

On my first ever visit to Sifnos, some 15 years back, I had toured the whole island by bus. That’s how I met Anthi, “Amazon” of Sifnos and a bus driver.

This year I paid my scheduled visit with Fotini, early July. Driving towards Vathy we had in front of us a bus with a picture of piglets on the rear glass! “What’s that, Fotini?”, I ask her. Fotini stuck her face against the windscreen and after much deliberation she uttered something about Anthi’s farm.

As we reached Vathy we googled it to spare us from puzzling over to find “Anthi’s farm”, website and all no less!

“Amazon” lady put bus driving aside and took up what she loves more: taking care of her animals and share her experiences with the world. She even offers breakfast, at her farm, home-cooked and with ingredients off her own farm.

We called her up on the spot to book. Cue next day; We rose and shone early and by 9 o’clock we already were at Anthi’s farm. (the website contains directions). A small farm of assorted domestic pets, goats, piglets, rabbits, a donkey, ducks, geese, cats… all of them groomed and looked after.

And on the side a wooden table lain with a slew of goodies! Omelettes and fried fresh eggs, cake with fresh milk, cheese and jams from Anthi’s hands, fresh bread, fragrant coffee… no less than a true royal breakfast, amidst nature!!!

A truly different holiday suggestion, especially for us, the city people who have completely lost contact with nature. We arranged to return in two days to let Anthi show us how to milk and make cheese! I’ve never done that! Sounds intriguing!

Find Anthi’s farm here: