Agia Katerina Kamaron with… wind!

Put down the flip flops, grab a coffee in hand

Wake up in the morning and it is windy again?, and no mood for a swim?

Right. Never mind those flip-flops. Coffee in hand, sneakers on, and off for a fine stroll.

Follow the road down past its end, on the right side of the beach, towards Agia Katerina. As you walk, peek over your left and, there, just past the pier, you see a stone-built tower. That’s the old mine’s ramp, where the island’s iron ore got loaded on ships. Some indelible island history marks there. At the end of the road starts a path leading to the church. Recently paved with stone slabs and easy to access, it gets you there in just a quarter of an hour.

There already? Just walk down and at the small harbour before the church, you see the ramp.

The whole bay of Kamares at your feet.

The temple is open should you wish to light a candle.

Now, headphones on, sit down on those whitewashed stone benches and enjoy sipping on your coffee while taking in the port traffic from afar, in total peace.

No-one around to bother you…

Tomorrow is flip-flop time, as the sun will be shining bright again.