Agios Simeon

a walk without effort.

It’s the afternoon. Just before sundown and atop the mountain, overlooking the port of Kamares, stands Agios Symeon, inviting you over for the perfect sunset.

If you have transportation, this is just a 7 km drive. Along the route from Agia Marina to Troullaki, there’s a bit of an uphill part, but fear not for the roadbed is solid. Arriving there to find a huge parking lot.

The view from Agios Symeon is breath-taking, overwhelming.

It stretches from Kamares all the way to the main settlements of the island and every island surrounding Sifnos. Outside the church yard and at a few metres to the West, lies a clay map put there by the island’s potters to help you identify them islands you see before you.

It’s sundown time, as the sun literally “dives” into the sea. On really clear days, you can see the sunset fade behind the Peloponnese.

Get hold of a place and relish…

Just keep an eye on your partner… No use in going up there after a fight… It’s a cliff…