…in the narrow streets of Exabela

Better get there in the afternoon

A mere 2 km from Apollonia, en route to Faros, lies the Exambela settlement, awaiting exploration.

Better get there in the afternoon; less heat, more fun.

History and architecture meet here, in “Xambelo”, the village of windmills and vineyards. A birthplace of poets, painters and cooks –walk its alleys and see their houses– like Aristomenis Provelengios, Nikos Chrysogelos and Tselementes. Old temples like “Old” St-Nikolas are quite intriguing.

Walk to the edge of the village, SE bound, and see Mavros Pyrgos (= Black Tower), one of the ancient towers (Phryctoria) on the island.

Tired? There’s a mini-market to buy juice and water for stamina, because finishing this tour is worth your while; Visit Moni Vryssis, along the road connecting Faros and Platys Gyalos, at just a few minutes distance from where you are.

A gorgeous, dazzling monastery. Pass through its marble gates, “lotzia”, and wander across its spaces, see the wood-carved altar and the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art (first ask for working hours), that lies in the Monastery.

Night-time’s here. Time for a tasty snack!…