Panagia tou Vounou

The Monastery stands there since 1813.

Making your way down towards Platis Gialos for some casual coffee-time? First, make a stop at an unexpectedly cool place!

At about 3 km before your destination, make a right at the sign reading Panagia tou Vounou. The Monastery stands there, at the end of the road, since 1813.

The stone-built benches, pine trees and colourful, fragrant flower pots mix with the Monastery’s pristine white and create a scenic and peaceful setting.

The lady that’s been taking care of the Monastery will show you around the premises, the cells — one of them had Kazantzakis over back in 1915 — and the icon of the Virgin Mary holding infant Jesus. Look into the eyes of the Virgin Mary as they follow you around, just like, Leonardo da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa’s.

Come out on the church yard, draw some deep breath and enjoy the view. The whole of “Pchiatialos” bay stretching out before your eyes.

Was it worth stopping by?

Now, onwards to Platis Gialos for that relaxing coffee time we discussed earlier.