The chapel of “Eftamartyros”

at Kastro

Kastro is surely one of the prettiest villages on the island, no-one wants to miss out visiting.

I’ll tell you all about the trip to the settlement in some other tip post.

Now, get some water, juice or coffee and, by all means, a swimming suit.

Start your trek at the bypass. On your right you see the narrow-front houses, built tightly next to each other like a wall — more like a fortress — and on your left you see the sea. Mind the pirates!!!

As you reach the old school, you see below, atop the rocks, the chapel of “Eftamartyros” (= seven martyrs). Go down the steps to look it up close.

White walls, blue dome and fierce rocks, compose a unique setting. Feel droplets off the waves on your face and, if it’s not that windy, take a swim in these wonderful waters. Use a swimming mask to browse around the dazzling seabed.

If you’re considering getting married, this chapel is the one! No heels, though, eh?…