Next to the most popular spot on the island, Chrysopigi church, you will see Apokofto, a small beach with fine sand and the beach trees called tamarisk (or “salt trees” in Greek). There are no sunbeds and there is no noise. Here, you will see single guys enjoying loneliness, young couples, people coming with their book and others sleeping peacefully under a tree.

There is a natural phenomenon here, causing sand to be hard like stone, so in order to go into the sea you need to find the right passage. If you have children, you’d better go to the left end of the beach, where this phenomenon hasn’t spread yet. At the left side of the beach, if you swim a few meters further, you will find some of the best rocks to dive from. There are options from high points or even… higher and it is a popular spot among children of all ages!

The magic of the landscape with Chrysopigi on the background and the feeling you get when you are in the clean, clear and cool waters, will make you feel re-new and re-alive!

There are two taverns, one at each end of the beach and a tiny café, hidden a few meters in the dirt road behind the beach.

If you go during the high season, you may find it difficult to park around so better choose less popular hours, like early morning or late afternoon. You will make most of it!