They may look like one village, but they are seven!

In the morning and evening – avoid the hottest part of the day – is the ideal time for a walk in the central villages. The old stone paved path which started from Exambela, went through Katavati, Apollonia, Pano Petali, Saint Loukas and Artemonas to end up at the top of the hill where the windmills are, still exists and is used every day to connect neighbourhoods and settlements in the center of the island where most of us live in winter time. Cycladic architecture, cleanliness, the white lines around the stones, the well taken care yards and gardens at any part of this path will make you feel the harmony around.

You can walk all the way, starting from Exambela and ending in Artemonas or the other way round. It will take you 1,5 to 2,5 hours depending on your pace and the stops for photos you will make! You can also do a smaller part of it, from Artemonas to Apollonia or from Katavati to Apollonia.

On your way you will see the statues of some great guys from the island. The interesting about them is that there is no one who was a general, soldier, fighter, no one connected to wars. All of them were teachers, poets, translators, professors, journalists, authors! An explanation about it could be the fact that there has been a school in Sifnos since the 16th century AD.

During your walk you will also see small shops, family businesses and workshops. Hand made things can be found here and most of them are of high quality! Traditional pastry shops and bakeries, workshops for jewelry, weaving, bags, clothes, local products will add some temptations to your walk J

You don’t need walking shoes and there are places to buy something to eat or drink on your way, but don’t forget a camera for photos – it is necessary!