Kastro is a “must do” on the island and this is absolutely fair!

Kastro, which means Castle in Greek, is a “must do” on the island. All visitors take a walk in the oldest village of the island which has been inhabited since 3.000 BC continuously and really worth the title of “must do”.

There are different routes you can follow and you can also combine them in one.

You can walk outside the village, on a stone paved path that goes around it and admire the view to the north and east as well as the old big houses. If you are in a suitable mood, walk down to the tiny chapel of 7 martyrs for some extraordinary photos!

You can walk inside the village. To enter, you walk through special entrances called “longia” which are meeting points even today. There are six entrances around the village but I suggest you take the smallest at the east, you will see more things that way.

The village is built in three levels, the houses create the outside wall of the “castle”, above the doors and windows you can see Venetian family emblems and at the top of the hill the Venetian ruler’s house.

All the buildings are built with stones from the ancient city at the bottom of the hill, where Seralia tiny bay is. If you like the small details, you will recognize the ancient pieces into most of the walls. What is left from the ancient times is some parts of the marble wall and some ruins from the Acropolis at the top, but the truth is that Kastro is like an open museum. Everything is the same since Venetian time.

Although it is a popular destination on the island, Kastro doesn’t have a lot of shops. A tavern, a restaurant-café, a pastry shop-café and two gift shops are inside the village and three more places to eat (two fish taverns and one restaurant) at Seralia bay.

What is pretty sure is that a visit to Kastro is a dive into old times and History!