This walk can be your favorite one on the island!

The most favorite walk among the locals who live in Kamares is to go from the one end of the bay where most of the houses and shops are and also the dock, to the other side, where the church of Saint Kathrin (Katerina in Greek) is.

You can start from the parking area. Walk on the road between the beach and the first houses behind it. On your left, there are sand hills and bamboos making the experience more beautiful . At the end of the road turn left and after a few meters you will see the steps leading to Saint Marina church on your right hand. Take them to the yard on top. The view is really worth it! After this short stop continue walking straight ahead, among houses and tourist accommodation, parallel to the sea, till the end of the road and the beginning of the path. From that point to the other church, Saint Kathrin, it is a relaxed walk of 5’ – 10’ minutes. Piece of cake comparing to the walking you have already done to get there!

The church rents the house you will see in the church yard to tourists, so it is not weird to see people’s stuff around! They do stay there, but this doesn’t change the public status of the area, so everybody can go.

You will love it there and look for reasons to go again. Especially if you do this walk during sunset time, it is possible that this spot will become your favourite one on the island!