Which is the shortest trekking route?

I know, you are among the ones who would like to move a bit, walk a bit and be in the Nature a bit, but … a bit. Without sweating a lot, without getting tired, without special equipment or preparation, without spending the whole day or waking up very early… Am I right? …after all, that is why they called me Wizard!

So, let’s see… I have two ideas for you:

An hour or an hour and a half walking down or straight ahead, great view to the east, close to the water and a beautiful church after half distance to take a breath. How does this sound? It is about the path from Artemonas to Poulati and then to Kastro, part of the signed trails of Sifnos, easy and fun with windmills, chapels, herbs, ancient steps, remains of old bee-houses, a water spring close by, local bamboos and what is left from the old water management system.

The other route is shorter, less than an hour. It starts from the asphalt road to Faros. A bit after the electricity factory, on your right hand, you will see a small building with stone sinks and a water tap. It looks like a covered bus stop. If you look around you will recognize the Sifnos Trails signs. Take the path, next to the photovoltaic plant, which goes to Faros. At the beginning it might seem complicate to follow since the path has been cut by the new constructions in the area, but soon enough it will amaze you with the view southeast to the sea, Chryssopigi and Faros village. The route is mostly going down, stone paved in many parts – so old that we don’t know when it was made – and wide enough for carts to go through in the old times. In other words, you are walking on the old avenue of the island!