Between two beaches

If you are in Faros or Chryssopigi, this walk is short and relaxed with History and unforgettable views. It starts either from Glyfo, the beach on the right side of Faros, or from Apokofto, the beach on the left side of Chryssopigi and connects these two beaches.

Any time is good for this walk. After half distance you will find the chapel of Saint Charalambos. Its back yard is really cute! From there you can see what is left from the ancient gold mines and the operations in recent history. If you turn to the sea side, down below, close to the water, you can see the ruins of the buildings supporting mining. History in front of your eyes!

The view to Chryssopigi and its cut rock as well as the view to Stavros of Faros, the other church you can see on the edge of the rock east side, are gorgeous! The path is stone-paved, you don’t need walking shoes, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. At night there are small lights on your way, making this walk even more special!

It will take you 15’ – 20’ minutes to go from one end to the other, walking at a relaxed pace. Or a lot more, if you are like me and you stop every few steps to admire the view!