The central villages have their countryside too!

Apollonia is the starting point for many walks with a little or a bit more of walking on stone paved or dirt paths. One of them, short, pleasant and easy is the one through the path which connects Apollonia and Kato Petali. The path is in a good condition and a nice suggestion for an easy morning or evening walk.

At the main crossroads of Sifnos in the very center of Apollonia, on your right as you look towards the sea, you will see a little bridge hiding a stone paved path. Take this path and walk to Kato Petali. On your way there are small pieces of cultivated land, drystone walls, herbs, chapels and many caper bushes!

It is possible to meet domestic animals like goats or sheep or even a cow, donkeys and mules, chicken and pigeons. There aren’t any houses but there are grapes, almond trees, pomegranate trees and of course olive trees. You have the feeling that you are in the countryside although you are still inside the central villages.

You don’t need anything special for this walk, not even walking shoes. It will take you about 30’ minutes to the end of the path at Kato Petali square. There, you have more than one choice for the rest of the walk. You can stroll around the village  – its architecture is so typical of Cyclades that there is a book about it – or continue to Kastro, or go back using the asphalt road or just return the same way!