Fassolou beach

Sandy beach in the southeast of Sifnos

Located on the south side of the island and it’s one of the three beaches of Faros. Years back it used to be a “den” for naturists, however, naturism is no longer allowed. On the west side of the bay stands the monastery of Stavros of Faros while in front of the bay you can see the rock of Chrysopigi. A truly unique view.

  • pebbles and sand
  • access by car, bus and then a 350m trail, trail, boat
  • it has changing rooms, showers, toilets
  • partial shading from tamarisks
  • café-restaurants


The beach is sandy with a few pebbles while the rich clusters of the tamarisk trees provide shade in the summer. Here, you will find well-cared changing rooms, showers and toilets. Also you will find a restaurant on the beach.


The seabed has a lot of seaweed but there are landscaped walkways to avoid them. The depth at the beginning is quite small and deepens gradually.