Kamares is our port but apart from that it is also a complete holiday destination. There are many choices for the day, the night, for walks, for trekking, for isolation and privacy, for romance, socializing and of course for swimming!

Kamares is the widest beach on the island and one of the two with the Blue Flag. Blue Flag is a European Award System for beaches which can accomplish more than 40 different criteria, among them checking the quality of waters every two weeks!

The water is clean and clear, shallow for many meters and warm. That is why Kamares is a children-friendly place! There are sunbeds to rent and some cafés but there is also a lot of space for those who want to put their beach towel on the sand or lay under a tamarisk tree with thick shade. Behind the beach, sand hills and bamboos create a special ecosystem. In older times there was a small lake there which doesn’t exist anymore. What still exist are some frogs which can be heard from time to time and the protected kind of lily (pancratium maritimum) which blooms every August J

One of the best experiences you will remember forever is swimming in the last light of the day, during sunset time!