Glyfo is one of my favourite beaches because it has the best and most tamarisk trees you can find on a Sifnos beach and because there are no shops, nothing, only the trees, the sand and the sea.

Glyfo is connected to the main beach of Faros through a cement path (2’ – 3’ minutes walking) and the first time you are there, you may not even notice its existence, since it is not visible from Faros village.

But you read the Wizard, so you know J

At Glyfo you go because it is protected from strong winds, because the waters are always cool and crystal, clean and clear but most of all because of that feeling you get on a beach untouched by the tourist development, the feeling of being in heaven, far away from everything else.

On the right side of the bay there is another path, stone paved with lights at night, which leads in about 20’ minutes to another beach, Apokofto, next to Chrysopigi. After half distance on that short path with the super beautiful view, you can see just below you, above the sea, the remains of the buildings which supported the old mines at around 1890s. History everywhere!