What about pebbles today?

Today choose a place without sand. It doesn’t have to be on the rocks since we have choices with pebbles. Not many but enough! One of them is Vroulidia. The access is quite difficult and tricky, through a steep road, but the beach is wonderful, the water colours gorgeous and there are many sunbeds to rent and lay your body comfortably. There is a café and a tavern. To arrive there you should take the way to Cherronissos and after Troulaki settlement you will see the signs for Vroulidia, leading to a cement road on your left. A few meters before the very steep part, you have the choice to park the car and continue on foot.

The other choice with pebbles is Saoures, a tiny little spot on the right side of Chrysopigi rock. It is kind of hidden, you can’t find it at a glance, you need to walk a few meters to see it. The colours of the crystal waters in different shades of blue will impress and magnetize you. It is a smaller than tiny bay, no more than 20 meters, without any shops or sunbeds, very quiet. The closest place you can find something to drink or eat is the two taverns at the other beach of Chrysopigi, Apokofto, on the other side of the rock. It is a 10’ walking distance from Saoures.