Kato Petali village

The picturesque village Kato Petali, in central Sifnos

Kato Petali is situated at the east side of Apollonia and is almost in the center of Sifnos. When the visitor looks the village from a distance, it looks as if it is standing imperiously on the beautiful environment of Sifnos, which is developed on a small hill. The settlement spreads around a central paved square, where you shall find also the beautiful church of Zoodohos Pigi with the castellated bell towers.

Some of the events of the Cultural Association of Sifnos take place here, at the central square of the settlement, such as concerts and theatrical plays, representations of traditional Sifnian games etc.

East from Kato Petali, there is the historic monastery of Agios Ioannis Chrissostomos, where, according to the tradition the first Greek School of Sifnos was lodged and where the School of Agios Tafos has been transferred as “Hellinomouseio” of Sifnos (1835-1854), before being transferred to the school of Agios Artemios in Apollonia.

At the south border of the village, there is the picturesque church of Panagia of Koukkias (Myrtidiotissa 1614). The architecture of the settlement repeats the Cycladic standards and the village is one more hospitable corner for the visitor of Sifnos.

Here you shall find rooms and apartments for rent, mini market and traditional restaurants.