Maria Atsoniou – Make up artist

for an excellent result!


Just before that moment, the stress and folly of preparations sometimes create a setting drenched in bouts of panic.

Yet, the time is upon you, and the groom is waiting for no less than a true beauty!

In Maria’s hands you get to relax, enjoy being made up and become an one-of-a-kind, ravishing bride, just the way it’s meant to be!

Her know-how will instil trust and the outcome will be nothing but dazzling. The whole process of getting made up is pure joy, and you are a part of it.

Same goes, of course, for the bride’s maid, the godmother or the mother of the bride. Maria Antoniou’s Make-Up Artist delivers professional, outstanding work for whichever occasion.

And her tips and recommendations will help you in every therapy or beautification you may need.

Close your eyes and open them when you’re ready…