Platis Gialos village

The seaside village of Platis Gialos in Sifnos

Platis Gialos is situated at the south side of Sifnos. The toponym in the local dialect of Sifnos derives from the words Wide Seashore (In Greek: Platis Aigialos) and it means waterside relatively wide, spacious waterside. It is one of the most much-frequented beaches of Sifnos and it is considered one of the longer beaches of Sifnos which also got the the prize of the European Union’s “Blue Flag”, having met the required criteria of the program!

At the North, on the top of the hillock there is the monastery of Panagia tou Vounou (Virgin Mary of the Mountain) (1813) from where the panoramic view over the beach of Platis Gialos is magic.

At the N.E. there is Aspros Pyrgos (the White Tower), the most famous of the 55 ancient towers of Sifnos.

At the South, at the little foreland of Platis Gialos, a prehistoric cemetery has been discovered.

At the S.E., at the entrance of the bay, there is the little private and uninhabited island of Kitriani, on which the only building is the Church of Panagia Kipriani (10th – 11th century).

Here, in Platis Gialos of Sifnos, one shall find hotels, rooms to let, groceries, traditional taverns, restaurants, coffee-bars, car rental agency and potter’s workshops, where the visitor can find traditional ceramics products of Sifnos and observe the way they are manufactured.

In Platis Gialos you will find water sports and boat rental companies.

On the left side of the beach there is a modern marina, in which spaces to moor are available to visitors. Here is the biggest port shelter of Sifnos (telephone +30 2284071365).