Vathi village

The seaside village of Vathi in Sifnos

Vathi is situated at the south-west side of Sifnos. The toponym Vathi means that the port is situated in a deeper, lower part in comparison with the surrounding area or that the sea is quite deep near the land so that the ships can approach it.

On the road from Apollonia to Katavati and to Vathi, you shall meet the monastery of Fyrogia and after a while on your right there is the hill of Agios Andreas with the homonymous church on its top, which has been built in 1701.

At this area there is one of the most important archaeological sites of Sifnos. The archaeological findings here show the continuous inhabiting of Sifnos from the Mycenean to the Hellenistic Times. The excavations have brought into light a big part of the Mycenean wall of the 12th c.B.C. Inside it there are ruins from five buildings, possibly houses. An archaeological museum operates here.

Almost in the middle of the road to Vathi, there is the monastery of Taxiarhis of Mersini (1738). When arriving to Vathi, at the right edge of the big horseshoe-shaped beach with the calm waters, one shall find the Church of Taxiarches and of “Evangelistria (17th century)”, which is difficult to approach.

Vathi is a beautiful picturesque leeward port with a sandy beach with yellow sand and deep blue waters, which is one of the biggest beaches of Sifnos. Its gulf with the calm crystal-clear sea is fascinating.

Here you shall find the biggest hotel complex of Sifnos, rooms to let and apartments and literally “on the sea”, traditional taverns, patisseries with traditional sweets, cafeterias, as well as workshops and pottery stores, where the visitor can find the famous products of Sifnos’ ceramics and watch in person the way they are manufactured.

Vathi is ideal for water sports.