Poulati is a place you couldn’t call a beach. Even if the sign leading to the coast says so, it is definitely far from being a beach. It is a magical place if you like the rocks, the wild landscape, deep, cool waters and if you don’t mind walking for a while in order to find a nice place to settle down.

There are two choices in order to get there. One is from Artemonas, through a dirt road (3 klm). You arrive at the end of the road, where the church of Panagia Poulati is and you park the car. You can also walk this distance, it will take you about 30’ minutes and it is mostly going down. The other choice is on foot again, starts from Kastro and it will take you about 20’ minutes, mostly straight forward without a lot of going down or up.

No matter the way you will choose to arrive at the church, after that, there is only one choice. A little more than 90 steps will take you to the magic place we were talking about before.

When you arrive at the sea, you will be impressed by the smooth huge rocks. If you walk on them on the right side, you will find more spots to stop and lay your towel. But it is not necessary. If you decide to stay right there, close to the steps, the access to the sea is not difficult. At that point, on the left side of the steps, if you look carefully, you may be able to see a little fresh water still dropping through rocks. You see, the area had and still has springs, incredibly important for the ecosystem not only of Poulati but also of the areas around.

The huge rock on the left side of the bay is called “the killer’s rock” and better not dive from there…