See at least one ancient tower!

we have at least 76

You may not be interested in archaeological sites, you may have a few days of vacation, you may have seen many ancient sites in your life, you may just feel bored!

However, you should see a tower up close!

First because we have at least 76!

Secondly because they were part of the oldest communication network in the world with a code based on smoke and later on mirrors. A system found in many parts of Greece and many countries around the world – did you have something similar in your place?

Thirdly because the islanders love them very much, more than 300 of us take part in the annual revival of the communication system and many “have their tower”.

Fourthly because it is easy and quick. Wherever you are, there is a tower nearby. It’s worth stopping 5′ to admire the huge semicircle shaped stones and the craftsmen who put them there, to imagine the original height estimated at 17 meters and the view one would have had from the top, to see the interior with traces of tools and pottery, to feel the thousands of years of history and use.

Towers with easy access are “Kade” on the road to Vathi, the “black tower” in Exampela, the “white tower” on the road to Platis Gialos and several others that you can find here :