At the northernmost edge of Sifnos

a small, very sheltered beach

Today, in this weather, go for a walk to Herronissos, the northernmost end of the island, with a small, very sheltered beach. Very small and very sheltered! It has only two taverns and a small grocery store, it has sand and tamarisks, and it has places where you can avoid the sand. Picturesque, with wooden fishing boats, cool waters in many shades of blue and the perfect photo frame when viewed from above!

Before you go down to the beach, swim, eat and then don’t want to move, make the effort to climb to the top of the hill. The walk, which starts from the car park above the beach, climbs up an easy dirt road that eventually stops to give way to the old path that leads up to the top, to the chapel of Saint George with its welcoming courtyard. It will take about half an hour to the top, maybe a little less. From the church, if you walk north and along the edge of the cliff you will also see the ancient tower of Chersonissos, a circular building with very large stones. And, yes, you are on the northernmost edge of Sifnos! The slightly downhill way back will be a breeze and the view of the settlement and the bay of Chersonissos is worthy of many photos!