Sifnos Walking Tours

Climbing + Hiking in Sifnos

Climbing and trekking on Sifnos.

Those who claim that Sifnos is for walking across all its beauty, are so right.

Still, trekking requires experience, know-how and company. Sifnos Walking Tours lets you discover hidden away, pristine beaches, faraway chapels and trails you wouldn’t think existed. Plan a route together or join a group.

But you can do something completely different and unique.

Whether you’ve done it before or are a beginner, Sifnos Walking Tours provides the necessary gear to help you climb safely some 70 unique climbing routes, across 4 climbing crags on Sifnos. Take your adrenaline to the heights… you get to climb.

So, what do you say? Will you join in for a “vertical” view of the island, as the people of Sifnos Walking Tours say?