So many things in only a few meters’ walk!

Do you know which is the shortest and most comprehensive walk ever?

Do you know which is the shortest and most comprehensive walk ever? From the main square of Artemonas to Panagia Kohi church. it is only a few meters but if you want to see everything, an hour may not be enough!

At first, it is the sweets. Two bakeries and the oldest pastry shop of the island worth paying a visit. You can find almond sweets (three different types), biscuits with butter, pasteli from sesame seeds and honey, sweet bread with anise, the Greek version of Turkish delight called “loukoumi” and some more I can only explain when there!

Some beautiful, “neoclassical” houses follow. You will see many on your way, it is a great characteristic of Artemonas. Big houses with beautiful gardens built at the end of 1890s – beginning of 1900s, very different from the classic Cycladic architecture we see around.

At the corner there is an interesting detail. If you look carefully you will notice that the wall is kind of cut. As if there is a missing piece exactly at the corner. It is cut indeed!! You can see that detail in many places of the island, it was the way to make loaded donkeys’ passing easier!

As soon as you turn left…. It is the “Wow!!” moment. I am not saying more, I am not a spoiler!

Keep walking, there are more to see! After a few meters on your left, there is another big house with a green water pump and something like a pool which was used for storing water and attracting bees and insects in order to have better production of fruits and vegetables. Next to that, you will see what is left from a water mill and a building which had been used as a hostel and a primary school (not at the same time J).

Right there, on your right, there is a small church, always open and cool. Its name is Panagia tis Ammou (Virgin Mary of the Sand). Read the story behind that name, as you enter the church, on your left!

Ten steps before that – don’t miss it! – you can see one of the most impressive decorative pottery forms. A “flaros” is waiting for a photo!

As you arrive at the next corner, in front of the main church of the village, Panagia Kohi, if you look towards the going up path, you have exactly the view that Henri Cartier Bresson had when he took one of his famous photos. If you haven’t heard of that before, google it! You will be impressed!