Swimming with young kids?

The shallowest sea is at Kamares

Let me tell you from the very beginning that all our beaches are child-friendly! They are all safe, with clear water, no dangerous fish or strong currents. The most organized are Platys Gialos and Kamares, which also have a Blue Flag (if you don’t know about this European award, look it up, it’s important!) but in all the vehicle-accessible beaches you’ll find the basics, i.e. toilets, showers and at least one shop.

A few more details will help you choose the most suitable one for your kids: The shallowest sea is at Kamares but Vathi follows close behind. Very convenient when you have young children who want to be in the water all day. These two beaches also have the warmest waters. The first swimming attempts of the year are taken there! There are sunbeds for rent at most of the beaches but if you prefer, like me, the natural shade below a tamarisk, the best ones are at the two beaches of Faros, Glyfo and Fassolou. Thick shade that can accommodate all the “stuff”  that accompanies small children… Okay, in Kamares there are tamarisks too, I don’t want to be unfair! Finally if it’s windy, take the kids and go to Herronissos, at the northernmost end of the island. There it will definitely be a lot calmer since it is a well-protected from winds spot. It’s a tiny beach, 30 – 40 meters, where you’re bound to find kids from Sifnos too!