You should definitely eat some local sweets!

Leave the diet and nutrition for after the holidays

Leave the diet and nutrition for after the holidays and don’t forget to try our sweets! You will find them in all bakeries and some in pastry shops.

There are three types of almond cakes. Made in a saucepan, in the oven and the so-called “Hydreika” ones (originally coming from Hydra island). The first type is the most typical almond cake of the island. It comes in two versions. White, without the almond skin and dark with the almond skin.

Then there are the butter cookies, round with a little almond on top. They rub in your mouth and after eating the first one, you can’t stop!.

Perhaps the most typical of the island are the aniseed rolls. You’ll find them in both soft and crunchy form, with very little sugar. In their crunchy version, we also eat them with cheese or olives or other savoury treats. They are one of the best gifts to take to friends, I’ve been doing it for years!

Not to forget the halvadopita which is made with egg white, honey and almonds in Sifnos. Very different from any halvadopita you’ve ever tasted!

And of course the “poulia”, something like brioche, also with anise. We make them in our homes at Easter, but you’ll find them in bakeries all year round.

Finally, two more that, if you find them, I think you should not only try them, but take the recipe home!

One, the “loli”, is a kind of moist red pumpkin cake. Easy and healthy. The other is called “melopita” (honeypie) and it is traditionally made with fresh, local, unsalted cheese, but anyone can make a great imitation with any unsalted cheese. The other two ingredients are honey and eggs. Special flavor, really worth trying! In our homes we make this local “cheese cake” on Holy Saturday!