Walk all the way to Panagia Poulati

on the east side of the island

Accessible beaches are fine, but today let’s just walk all the way to Panagia Poulati, on the east side of the island.

There are two ways; either from Kastro or the Artemonas trail, both easy. All along, amidst century-old stonewalls, the scent off oregano and thyme is omnipresent. Pick up some, rub it between your fingers and get some of the island’s soul in your fist. Already there? Take a look at the temple; the church stands since 1870, wearing a dazzling blue dome and red antefixes, such a standout style. If it’s not windy, dive off the rocks, those waters are magic.

Depending on your starting point, just follow the alternate trail, towards Kastro or Artemonas, to return.

A short, scenic trek, easy. One you will remember for a long time.