A morning stroll at Apollonia

See its other side

Ask anyone what’s the right time to visit Apollonia and the collective answer will surely be “at night”, at the peak of the nightlife.

Even so, a morning stroll across its back alleys will show its other side.

Tidy yards, bright white houses, small chapels that, along with souvenirs, bars and snack spots, create a Cycladic harmony of liveliness at night and peace in the daylight.

After going shopping, store to store, and having walked across every back alley, stop at Laki’s café… a sense of old times, like being an extra in an old Greek black-and-white movie. An orangeade will refresh you to wrap up your stroll with a visit to the Folklore Museum, to get a glimpse of island life in the past. Everyday use objects, textiles, pottery, outfits and paintings. Just ask first for working hours at 2284033730.

Go for it! Be it food, a swim or relaxation…

In a few hours time the Alley (=Steno) changes face… puts on its bests and invites you out, to dance…!