You have never been to a religious celebration like our “panigiri”!

something worth doing on the island!

The religious festivals in Sifnos are really something worth doing on the island! On the eve of the name day, in the remote monasteries offering food, wine and traditional music, the festivals are very special, they are still part of everyday life and not a tourist event and are an authentic part of our life here. Although the best are the winter ones (when the locals are more relaxed and have time to have fun), the summer ones are just as interesting. It’s something we do for ourselves, it’s collective and voluntary, and it’s worth experiencing in person!

The best time to arrive is just before the service. When there is still natural light to enjoy the scenery but also to watch the process from the start with the treats, the prayful vespers usually in the courtyard, the sacred bread, the food cooked on site in large cauldrons and served to everyone and the local music with violin, lute and dancing that is sure to follow.

Don’t think about it! Everyone is welcome at our festivals, regardless of nationality or religion and you are likely to be a great company during the feast! You’ll even get to know some of us in an environment away from the tourist madness!