If you use the horn, do it the right way!

It's like saying "hello"

Are you driving on the island? If so, it’s good to know that we use the horn here as a greeting! It’s like saying “hello”. We don’t honk to make the person in front of us go faster, nor do we honk to complain or grumble. How do you do it in the big cities? Well, nothing like that! Here, driving is easier and harder at the same time. Easier because there’s not so much traffic, no traffic lights, no annoyance. The distances are so short you don’t have time to get nervous! On the other hand, it is more difficult because all the roads are dual carriageways, because at the height of the tourist season it is very easy to get stuck in the centre of the island and because we are often tempted to drive faster than the narrow and winding roads allow. In any case, remember. If you get honked at, honk back! That’s the right thing to do here! And don’t honk your horn to tell someone off for being late. He won’t understand what you mean and he’ll most likely honk happily at you too!