Agios Loukas village

The picturesque settlement of Agios Loukas in central Sifnos

Agios Loukas or Ai Loukas, was one of the villages which used to firm the Community of Artemonas and it is named after the formerly parish church of Agios Loukas. The village spreads from the bridge of Gournias towards the north, to the square of Artemonas and towards the east to the quarter of Kamaroti, from where the visitor can admire (in Greek the verb is: Kamarono), the beauties of the central Sifnos up to Kastro.

Here, it is worth visiting the church of two natures Panagia of Gournias and the church of Agios Nikolaos, with the frescos of the famous folk hagiographer of Sifnos Agapios. The appellation Gournias has been given to the church because of the small stone basins (in Greek: gourna) that existed next to the nearby torrent where the women of the village used to go to wash their clothes.

Other interesting churches are the church of Ai. Georgis Afentis with excellent icons of 1645, works of important hagiographers as for instance Zacharias Tzagaropoulos and Konstantinos Palaiokapas and of Panagia of Ammos. Also you must visit the church of Agios Konstantinos with its unique architecture and the bust of Nikolaos Chrissogelos at the homonymous square.

In Agios Loukas the visitor shall admire the beautiful architecture of the village and its beautiful mansions. Here you shall find a hotel, rooms and apartments to let, traditional taverns, traditional local sweets workshops, a coffee-cake-shop, bakeries, ouzo taverns, stores, super markets etc.