Katavati village

The picturesque settlement of Katavati, next to Apollonia, in Sifnos

The toponym Katavati maybe has been given to the village, because it is situated higher than Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos. When one is heading towards it, he “descends” (in Greek: Katevaino). The village’s houses extend along the central road and along the roadside zone.

It is worth visiting the parish church of Agios Georgios, the three-aisle church with the cone-shaped dome of Panagia “Angeloktisti” (which means: built by angels), which according to the tradition has been built and officiated by Angels.

Just outside Katavati, you can find the Monastery of Panagia of Fyrrogeion which in 1978 was awarded the Europa Nostra honorary diploma because of its outstanding construction. During summer, exhibitions of hagiography, painting, and photography are hosted in the premises of the monastery whilst on the outer courtyard area, musical events and theatrical performances are carried out.

In Katavati there is a hotel and many rooms and apartments to let, taverns, super markets, shop etc.