Artemonas village

The picturesque village of Artemonas

It is situated at the north of Apollonia in a distance of one and a half kilometer from it. It is a real jewel of Sifnos. High at the top of the hill only two of the old series of wind mills are preserved in a good condition. From here, the view of Sifnos is panoramic. The visitor can look far away at the surrounding islands, at Kastro, at the central settlements, even at Kamares. It is said that at the site where Panagia of Kochi is built today, according to the tradition, there used to be during the ancient times a worship center of “Ekvatiria” Artemis, who was the goddess who used to protect people during their disembarkation from the ships and who also used to safeguard the happy issue of all the cases.

The walk around the paved narrow streets of the village is a unique experience, as the visitor can see some of the most beautiful mansions of Sifnos, in the railed in verdant gardens. The promenade in all the neighborhoods keeps continuous surprises and the image of this marvelous residential complex when it is bathed in the faint light of the afternoon shall certainly touch your soul. The village, with the particular residential development, attracts the visitors in a magic way.

It is the homeland of the great master and national fighter Nikolaos Chrissogelos and of the poet and philologist Ioannis Gryparis. From 1914 to 1998 it was the seat of the homonymous community of Artemonas. The visitor of Artemonas besides from the classic mansions, must also visit the house where the poet Ioannis Gryparis was born. Also the churches Panagia the Kochi with its interesting architecture, Panagia of Ammos, where one can see the icon Panagia the Monachi, a rare representation of the Virgin Mary without the Holy Infant, and the beautiful church Panagia of Bali.

In Artemonas there are hotels, many rooms and apartments to let and many are those who choose to stay there, since it offers the possibility to have peaceful vacation in comparison with the noisy Apollonia. In the village one shall find the best traditional pastry making workshops and bakeries with traditional sweets of Sifnos, famous traditional taverns, stores, gift-shops, steak houses and super markets.

The Festival of Cycladic Gastronomy “Nicolaos Tselementes” takes place during the last years in Artemonas, at the village’s central square. Besides Sifnos, many other islands of the Cyclades complex participate in the Festival with booths, where traditional recipes of the islands are presented. The Festival also includes various events such as a representation of a pottery atelier, of a traditional sifnian wedding, traditional dances etc. At the same time, a small bazaar takes place along the central paved street of Artemonas, with traditional products mainly from Sifnos but also from other islands. The festival lasts for three days and takes place every year in Sifnos, in the beginning of September.

Just after Artemonas, in the beginning of the road to Cherronissos, there is the Cultural Center of Sifnos. In its rooms various exhibitions and other events take place, during the whole year.

In August is operating in Artemonas a summer cinema (Cine Dragatsi) with old and new movies. The admission is free.

Every year, in the middle of August, there is a street party on the alley of Artemonas, with lots of music and dance till the small morning hours. The party is organized by the radio station Radio Active and it takes place right outside the station’s studio.