Pano Petali village

The picturesque village Pano Petali in central Sifnos

Petali means in the local dialect of Sifnos short rocky hillock. Ano Petali is the village with the best view over the East. From the courtyard of the parish church of Agios Ioannis one can see the impressive view of the central settlements of Sifnos down to the faraway Kastro. It is the southest of the three villages which used to form the Community of Artemonas. It spreads from Apollonia, at Taxiarchaki to Agios Loukas, at the bridge, in Gournia.

What is remarkable is the church of Agios Antypas (1636) for its architecture and its history. It was the place where the school that was established by Nikolaos Chrissogelos operated during the Revolution times (1821) in Sifnos.

It is worth wandering around the narrow streets of the village and admire its snowy-white houses, which are decorated with traditional architectural decorations, the small courtyards with the bloomy bougainvilleas, the low limy stone bench and the picturesque churches.

In Ano Petali you shall find a hotel, rooms and apartments to let, restaurants as well as a lovely traditional café, the cafe of “Felos”, one of the first cafes that operated in Sifnos.