One of the smallest and most protected beaches of the island

One of the smallest and most protected beaches of the island, at the northernmost end of the island, 13 km from the central villages, you will find Cherronissos. When it’s windy elsewhere, Herronissos is ideal, precisely because it’s a very sheltered bay. In the few meters of sandy beach, no more than 40, you will find a big tamarisk and two or three smaller ones, a few benches and lots of towels! Sunbeds don’t fit! The water, in many shades of blue, is of course crystal clear and cool, while the sand looks like coarse spices!

On the left side of the bay, a small concrete jetty welcomes fishing boats and kids going for a dip.

Near the water you will find the few shops of the village. Two taverns, a mini market and one of the most traditional pottery workshops of the island. Sometimes you can see fishermen cleaning nets or tourist boats avoiding the strong wind for a while.

The wooden boats of the locals and the small fishing boats give a special colour and are points of reference when we “race” to swim!