used to be the nudist beach

Fassolou used to be the nudist beach, but today it is a small family beach with the best tamarisk you could ask for! There are no sunbeds so grab a mat and towel to lay out on the sand. The beach has a café – restaurant, so if you need something to drink or eat, it’s right there.

Seaweed is often collected in this small bay. I hope you don’t have a problem… it’s a sign of a healthy natural environment, it’s a good fertilizer, we used to use it for insulation on our roofs! In general seaweed is a good thing but if you can’t stand it at all you better pick another beach!

If you’re looking to dive, take the dirt road on the left, leading to the church on the cliff edge and about half way down the cliff, on your right hand down to the sea, you’ll see a little concrete plateau – you couldn’t call it a pier – just the thing for diving!

If you continue for a few more meters, you reach the church with its cobbled courtyard, cistern and stone table. From there, the view of Chryssopigi is worthy of many photos. Behind the church, it is usual to see people swimming when the weather permits. The rocks there are a good choice.