If you have had enough of sand / the best rocky places for swimming No2

I have more to suggest

For swimming in the rocks and where to go if you don’t want more sand, I’ve told you before. But I have more to suggest…  For example, Faros and Chrysopigi!

For the rocks of Faros, you have to go to Fasolou and from there to the church that is on the edge of the cliff, the Cross of Faros, opposite Chrysopigi. Below and behind the church you will find beautiful rocks and peace and quiet even at times when you least expect it!

A little further on is Chrysopigi and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it in my list of places to go if you like rocks. The whole coastline from Apokofto beach to the small pebble beach called Saoures is ideal for swimming in the rocks. Around the church, at the peak of the tourist season I’m not sure if you will find any free rock and that’s the only negative thing about this magical spot.

Finally there are a few more good spots on the island, but if I write them all down, what will be left for you to discover on your own?