Behind the pier at Kamares and to the left as you look at the sea, there is a hollow in the rock that we call “cave”. We also call this area of Kamares “cave”, kind of a neighborhood name.

Go to the Cave, if you want a change from the sand of the beach. Apart from the small cave and the concrete plateau next to it, which are good spots for diving – many of us did our first dives there – a few meters back, there is a tiny 10 meter beach with pebbles, turquoise cool water and the feeling of being hidden from the summer crowds.

You won’t find any shade there, so it’s best to avoid the hours when the sun is too hot. Also the closest place to get a water or something else is where the dock is, so if you find it a long distance, better get what you need beforehand.

You go to the Cave for one more reason. To swim to the edge of the cliff, to where Sifnos ends and you come out into the open sea. I know many people who do it, it’s safe and you can try it if you are confident in your swimming stamina!


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